Adopt a Priest

How often have you come away from Mass or some other function taking place at a local Catholic Church and found yourself shaking your head with disgust and anger?

I can tell you I have had this experience more times than I would like to think about. My initial reaction is to avoid that priest or the parish all together. The last thing I want to do is to pray for this person. In fact my tendency has been to call everyone I know who lives in the area and to tell them to avoid this priest if they can. I can't stand heretics. They literally make me ill. Avoiding them may be the right thing to do for one's spiritual life but we must not be so turned off by them that we refuse to pray for them. The fact that they are heretics and apostates should only compel us to make a greater effort to pray for them.  Our Lord Jesus Christ told us that there are some demons that cannot be cast out without much prayer and fasting. Those who have embraced heresy, immorality or the spirit of apostasy are oppressed by the Evil One and it is our duty as well as our moral obligation to pray for these men.  The primary line of attack for the devils is our bishops and priests.  The devil knows that the body rots from the head down. Therefore, we the laity are either as holy or as corrupt as the bishops and priests who have been placed in spiritual authority over us by Apostolic Succession.  

This page on my web site has been created in order to remind us that our priests are dependent upon our prayers and support in order to fulfill the dictates of their vocation. The hardest thing to do is to pray for our enemies, yet this is the command of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately in today's world our greatest enemies are within the very walls of the Church. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to pray for those priests and bishops we see promoting error, heresy, blasphemy and immorality. The only way to stop the continued destruction of souls and of the Church itself by those who have been placed in positions of authority is through prayer, fasting and sacrifice.  On this web page I will register the names of priests and bishops who need prayers, fasting and sacrifice that they may be freed from the bonds of error, heresy and apostasy.  In order to do this I will need you to please send me the names of bishops and priests who need prayers.  I will also need the circumstances that surround these men. I will divide these men into particular categories and will then ask for everyone to chose a bishop or priest to pray for within that particular category. The commitment should be for a year. Prayer and sacrifice are the most charitable thing we can do for someone in their condition. Do any of you suffer from constant pain or debilitating illnesses and handicaps? If so here is a perfect opportunity to fight for the Catholic Restoration by offering your suffering for the conversion and sanctification of our priests. 

Below is a specific prayer I will ask you to say each day during the year for that bishop or priest but the rest is up to you. You can pray a rosary each day for them or go to Mass. You can abstain from a favorite food for the whole year and each time you want it you can say a prayer for your adopted bishop or priest. The more people praying for an individual the better. We must link arms and hearts in prayer. I agree that we must also fight their heresy and immorality whenever we can but it will be prayer that will ultimately convert them and bring them back to the truth. As Our Lady said at Fatima: "Many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray for them."  Please contact me at The more information I have about the person the better. I will also use this information, if warranted, for my page on Apostates. The Apostates page is designed to warn the innocent about the evils of certain men and women in the Church who pose as Catholics but are wolves in sheep's clothing. We cannot hate them for their evil we must love them and the best way to do this is to pray and sacrifice for them.

I cannot complete this site without the information you can provide. Please start sending me all the information you have Thank you.

Daily Prayer to be Said for Your 

Adopted Priest or Bishop

Most Holy Trinity, One God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost I offer to Thee this day all of my prayers, joys, works, sufferings and sorrows united to the crucified Jesus for Thy glory, the conversion of poor sinners, and the sanctification of my brethren. In particular I offer to Thee prayers and supplications for the conversion and ultimate holy perseverance in Grace of (priest's name).