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The following Creed is a compilation of all the Dogmas of the Faith. It was composed and artistically presented by Anthony Gonzales to His Holiness Pope John Paul II in 1984 in the "Prima Fila" of a General Audience during Holy Week. It was composed as a defense of the Catholic Faith in response to Modernist heretics and their dupes.

Please print the Following Creed and read it prayerfully.

"If you deny a single article of Faith you are no longer a Catholic!"

St. Augustine

" apostate from the faith, a heretic or a schismatic incurs automatic (latae senteniae) excommunication..." Canon 1364

A Proclamation of the Catholic Faith

We Believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the One, True, Holy, Apostolic and Universal Religion established by Our Lord Jesus Christ upon the Rock who is Peter and His successors for the salvation and sanctification of the entire human race. He established it as His Kingdom on earth to carry on His Mission to teach, govern and sanctify all people, at all times, in every place. This sole Church of Christ contains the fullness of Truth, revealed by God Incarnate to His Apostles. This revelation called the 'Deposit of Faith' is preserved and taught intact without error, dilution or compromise by the Magisterium of the Church through the protection of the Holy Spirit as guaranteed by Christ our God.

In union with all the faithful members of the Church and in solidarity with Peter:

We believe in One, Perfect, Infinite, Holy and Almighty God. He is Immutable, Omniscient, Omnipresent, All Just and All Merciful. He is Love. He transcends time and space. He is His Own Existence. There is no other god. This One God is three Persons in One Divine Nature; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They are One God yet distinct in terms of relationship. Our Triune God created all that exists both physical and spiritual out of nothing. He constantly sustains all creation in existence. The existence of God can be known through the things He has made.

We believe that in the spiritual order God created the beings we call Angels. They were without the direct vision of God and given the choice to accept or reject Him. The angels who chose to love God were sanctified by Him and entered into eternal union with Him thus seeing Him face to face in the beatific vision. The angels who intelligently and deliberately chose Self and rebelled against God were eternally separated from Him. We call these fallen angels Devils and Demons. The angels serve God and protect and guide us, while the devils and demons are malevolently bent on our destruction.

We believe that after God created the heavens and the earth in their total perfection that He created two progenitors of the human race who we call Adam and Eve. They were created perfect by God; filled with His very life; given infused knowledge and given the gift of physical immortality. God is the author of Life and there was no death in the world. Adam and Eve were given total dominion over God's physical creation. They were tested by God but rebelled against Him by a sin of disobedience through which they lost the supernatural gifts given to them. This act of disobedience we call the Original Sin. All human beings are their descendants and we have inherited their fallen nature which resulted in; sin, death, corruption, disease, disorder, domination by the Evil One and the absence of God's Sanctifying Grace. Nevertheless, God, because of His infinite Love for us, willed to redeem the human race, restoring what had been lost. Thus, in the fullness of time, God the Father sent His only Begotten Son with the power of the Holy Spirit as Priest, Prophet and King. We believe, therefore, in One Lord, Jesus Christ, who is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, co-equal with the Father and of His same Substance. By the power of the Holy Spirit and the complete obedience and loving consent of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, she conceived as a virgin the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity who became truly and perfectly human without the co-operation of any man. He is Perfect God and Perfect Man. As Prophet, He came to reveal the fullness of Truth. As Priest He came to give us the fullness of Grace. As King He came to establish His kingdom on earth, the Church. By revealing to us the fullness of truth and the giving us the fullness of grace He has made it possible for us to love Him completely. Jesus instituted seven Sacraments by which He applies the infinite merits of His Redemption to our individual souls to bring us to eternal life and strengthen His Body, the Church.

We believe that as a man, Jesus knew He was God and 'that the Father had given all things into His hands and that He had come from God and was going to God'. He voluntarily laid down His Life in true sacrifice for the sanctification and salvation of mankind. He, therefore, was condemned to death by Pontius Pilate, suffered, was nailed to a cross, died and was buried. By so doing He took upon Himself the eternal punishment of our sins, to redeem us from the domination of Satan, to restore our friendship with God and to open the gates of heaven that we might have eternal life. After His death the Soul of Jesus descended into hell in order to release the souls of the Just who were imprisoned there since the time of Adam. On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead in the same flesh and bone body that had been crucified but that was now physically transformed into a body which is incorrupt, immortal and glorified.

He ascended into heaven and is seated, as Perfect Man and Infinite God, at the Right Hand of God the Father Almighty. As the King of Kings He shall come to judge the living and the dead and to destroy the world by fire. He is True God from True God. Through Him alone can men be saved.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who is the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, co-equal with the Father and the Son, eternally proceeding from both the Father and the Son as the outpouring of Their Infinite Love. We adore Him for He is God. He is the Lord and Giver of Life, our Consolation and Sanctification. He is the very Love that binds us to God and to one another. He is the Spirit of Truth. He is the very Soul of the Church leading all people to full union with Her and preserving Her from error, falsehood and the corruption of the Deposit of the Faith and the Moral Law.

We believe that Mary is the New Eve. She was conceived without "Original Sin" being redeemed by Christ her Son through anticipation of His redemption and the Merits He won upon the Cross. We call this privilege of His Grace the Immaculate Conception. She was preserved from sin her entire life in keeping with her dignity as Mother of God and Spouse of the Holy Spirit. She was a virgin, perfectly integral, untouched, and undefiled, before, during and after the conception and miraculous birth of Jesus her only begotten Son. She remained a virgin until the end of her life on earth, at which time she was Assumed by God into Heaven, body and soul. She is Mother of the Church and our Mother. We invoke her under the titles of Mediatrix and Queen.

We believe that while Jesus walked the earth he directly established the hierarchical constitution of His Church. He ordained the Apostles as priests and bishops thereby giving to them His Authority to teach, govern and sanctify the souls of all people; to spread His Truth and the Merits of His Redemption into every human heart. The Apostles, in turn, ordained successors in order that this same authority would be passed down through every generation until the end of time. Only through the power of Holy Orders handed down in Apostolic Succession do the Priests of the New Covenant have the power to mediate the Seven Sacraments. They are the dispensors of the Mysteries of God.

We believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of Original and actual sin and the restoration of sanctifying grace, which justifies the soul making us children of God.

We believe that individual Sacramental Confession to a priest of the New Covenant, with valid orders and faculties, is necessary for the forgiveness of mortal sins committed after baptism. If Sacramental Confession is unavailable it must be desired and sought after.

We believe that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the Re-presentation of the same sacrifice offered on the Cross by Christ, Our Lord, and by which we truly participate in the saving events and Merits of the Redemption He won for us.

We believe that the Holy Eucharist, the Most Blessed Sacrament, is the Actual, Living, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. At the words of Consecration in the Mass the substances of bread and wine are entirely and completely changed into the Whole and Living Substance of the God-Man, Jesus Christ. We call this mystery "Transubstantiation".

We believe that the Pope, the Bishop of Rome, Patriarch of the West, and Successor of Saint Peter, is the True Visible Head of the Church, The Vicar of Christ, having been given Primacy and complete Jurisdiction over the Church-Universal by conferral of the Divine Authority given by Christ to Saint Peter and handed down in succession for every age. By virtue of this divinely commissioned office the Pope speaks with the Infallible Truth of God when proclaiming and defining a matter of Faith or Morals to be believed and obeyed by all the faithful, the entire People of God. He cannot error in these Clarifications of the Deposit of Faith and in his interpretation of the Moral Law by reason of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God's Revealed Word is handed down to us through Holy Tradition and Sacred Scripture.

We believe that the faithful in Heaven and on Earth can, through their prayerful intercessions, help both the living and the souls in Purgatory to attain eternal life.

We believe in the resurrection of our bodies on the last day.

We believe there is a Heaven, where those members of the Church who have lovingly done the Will of God will see Him Face to Face and will live with Him forever in Eternal Joy. Love and Faith are both absolutely necessary for salvation.

We believe there is Purgatory where selfishness, the affection for sin, and the temporal debt due to sins will be purged from the soul by God.

We believe there is a Hell which was created by God for the Fallen Angels who rebelled against Him and where human souls go who choose to do their own will over and above the Will of God. The demons and human souls in Hell exist without God for all eternity in sorrow, misery and suffering to their own damnation and by their own choice. Hell is both a state of being and a place.

This is the revealed Faith of Christ our God, it is our Faith, the Faith of the Catholic Church, without which it is impossible to please God. We accept this truth without condition or reservation in love and humble obedience. AMEN!

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