A Roman Catholic Parish


Anthony Gonzales


It  may seem difficult to believe  but in the United States, specifically in California, there is a Roman Catholic Parish which feeds its parishioners with everything necessary  to nourish  their Roman Catholic  Faith.  Let's  look at a  brief  list of  things that take  place  in this  parish  on an ongoing basis.


#1.  Perpetual  Adoration  of  the Blessed Sacrament. Unlike other parishes  throughout the world, including in Rome, Our Lady of  Peace has Eucharistic Adoration  around the clock;  24 hours  a  day;  7 days  a week; 365  days  out  of  the year,  for  over  25  years.  This means that the parishioners have  always given their time for at least one hour each day                 from midnight to midnight.


#2. The Holy Rosary is prayed publicly before the Blessed                Sacrament  every  hour, 24  hours  a day  by both priests and laity.


#3.  There are 6 Masses every Sunday and 2 vigil Masses every Saturday. Each of  these Masses  are usually filled to overflowing. Every First Saturday  there are devotions  to Our Lady and a Traditional  Latin Mass, the only  Traditional Latin Mass officially allowed  in the diocese per     month. On the other  Saturdays of the month there is  a Latin Novus Ordo Vigil Mass allowed.


#4.   There is a Shrine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; a 35 foot metal statue that is situated in such a way that it can be seen from the nearby freeway.


#5.   There are 3-4 every day Masses Monday-Friday.  They  have from 100-300  people at every weekday Mass.


#6.   There are priests in the confessionals  during every Mass.  Sometimes  the lines  for  confession are so long that not everyone makes it to confession before Communion and this occurs during the week days. The 12 noon daily Mass is usually packed.


#7. There are no extraordinary       ministers of the Eucharist. Communion  is  always distributed by priests  and on occasion by a deacon or seminarian.  Communion is given to people as they KNEEL  at the Altar rail.


#8.   The are no female altar servers but more than enough male acolytes  for each Mass.


#9.    Only  male Lectors read at all the Masses.


#10. The bishop has assigned only two priests  to Our Lady of Peace but a contingent  of  retired  priests and dedicated  Jesuits   help out for all the Masses.  And are always welcomed. At Our Lady of Peace there is never a shortage of good orthodox priests to serve the  faithful.


#11. There  are  beautiful  statues  around the sanctuary and in the  back of the Church. (The only  criticism is that they use electric "candles" which  are tacky at best  but it is for safety reasons).


#12   From May-October on the 13th   of every month Our Lady of  Peace conducts  the "Fatima Pilgrimage" which is in honor of  Our Lady's appearances in  Fatima, Portugal.   This  devotion has been  the backbone of Our Lady of Peace Church since the current Pastor took over the parish in June of 1969.

The pilgrimage from May-October is attended by 2000-       3000 people on the  13th of each month.  It consists of Mass, an outdoor  candlelight  Rosary procession, procession of the Blessed Sacrament within the church itself, blessing of the sick with the Blessed Sacrament  along with a Eucharistic  meditation and finally Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament  with all Latin hymns.


#13.   Other  devotions  include  well         attended  novenas,  Santa Nino  on Monday  nights,  St. Anthony  of Padua on Tuesday nights, and Our Lady of Perpetual   Help   on  Wednesday  nights; First Friday devotions which begin at 9:00 PM  Thursday  and go all night until Mass  at 6:00 AM  Friday morning. There are usually about 200-300 people  that  commit   themselves  to the all night vigil  every month.

Every New Years Eve there is an all night vigil to pray for  peace in the new year and to make reparation  for the sins of  the year  that is ending.  

Lent and  Holy Week services  are especially  edifying.

And every Friday the Pastor  leads an evening Rosary of all fifteen decades  in  reparation for  the crime of  abortion throughout the United States and the world.


Father John Sweeney


By the grace of God Fr. Sweeney was made Pastor of Our Lady of Peace in 1969 and through his faith and devotion has transformed a parish that is in the very heart of silicon valley's industrial/business area to be an oasis for Roman Catholics dissatisfied with the Modernist Church and who have sought a Parish that holds firm and fast to the Ancient Roman Catholic Faith of our fathers.


Ever  obedient and faithful to the local  bishop  Fr. Sweeney  has  nonetheless been able to develop a parish that  overflows  with Catholic faith and devotion. The point  is  that  if  he can do this  here in liberal California  then any priest who possesses the Faith can do the same.  Fr. Sweeney is not an extraordinary man he  is  simply  an  ordinary man doing an  extraordinary  job.  It  is  his own love  and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament , to Our Lady and to the Magisterium of the Church that has given Fr. Sweeney the ability to do what he has done.  For example when he wanted to build the Shrine to the Immaculate Heart  of  Mary he didn't  ask for  money he asked for rosary pledges. When  he received his  millionth  pledge that  is when he began to ask for the money needed to build the shrine.  Please  pray  for  Fr. Sweeney as  he enters his  75th year.


Community Life


If  I were to attempt  to write about the rich, community life at our Lady of Peace it  would take up the whole Newsletter. But I will give you a brief list. Our Lady has a very orthodox catechetical  program.  They  have about 20 different lay societies that are very active in the Parish including the Knights of Columbus, the Legion of Mary, the Altar Society, the Third Order  Carmelites,  The Sacred Heart Men's  Society, just to name a few. There  are a vast number of home schooling families that  congregate at Our Lady of Peace and whose efforts are  supported both spiritually and morally by Fr. Sweeney and the other priests.


There  is  a  Book Store and gift shop that  provides  only  the  best in Roman Catholic literature and religious articles.


To support the Shrine, the new  parish hall and educational complex and the parish itself send your donation to:


                Our Lady of Peace

                2800 Mission College Blvd.

                Santa Clara, CA  95054



If  ever there was a parish that has earned and deserves our support it is Our  Lady of Peace. Whatever you send will  be used to support the spiritual lives of thousands.


It  is  our  duty  to tithe  a certain portion of  our  income to the Catholic Church. The dilemma  comes when one cannot in conscience support his/her local  pseudo-Catholic parish because it  has  failed miserably  to feed or enrich  Catholic spiritual  life.  If  your  parish is not feeding you at least you now  know  of  one  that  is.  I encourage you  to  support orthodox Roman Catholic parishes and organizations  and  to  withhold your support from Modernist/pseudo-Catholic parishes and organizations. By  so  doing  you will  be  instrumental  in helping to  bring about the failure of Modernism and the triumph of  the Roman Catholic  Church.