The Spirit of Appeasement


Anthony Gonzales


When Hitler was about to invade Poland and begin World War II the Prime Minister  of  England,  Neville Chamberlain,  seeing the military buildup by the Germans  and fearing  impending  war, went  to  Hitler to  arrange a peace accord.  After  making every possible concession to Hitler, Chamberlain was assured by him that he would never wage war or try to invade another country. Chamberlain  returned to England  with the "good news" that  there would be "peace with honour." We all know the outcome of  that  pathetic  attempt  to  stem  the  obvious  tide  of  violence  growing  in Germany  by  being   nice. To this day the diplomacy  used by Chamberlain is called "a policy of appeasement."


Today we again live in  an  age  of  appeasement.  Peace at  any  cost  seems to be the motto of the "politically correct" "Nice People"  even if it means slavery to tyranny.  Unity is simply  a word  we use to indicate that we all stand for nothing and are tolerant of anything. As Roman Catholics we are suppose to be united under one shepherd,  accepting the same Articles of Faith, proclaiming the same moral code, and participating in  the same sacramental  rites,  yet there is only chaos.  Despite all this disunity foisted  on  us by the Modernist establishment  and with no seeming voice from the legitimate  authorities  to stop it I still hear the appeasers and compromisers saying, "Just  cooperate, "  "Don't make waves ." "Be nice." "Don't  be mean."  I  still  see  people following  the  lead of these usurpers  and refusing to resist them. It  is  as if we are  in Nazis  Germany  again  where the Jews  did  not  resist  the  actions of the Nazis and ended up dying by the millions.  In the same way souls are being lost by the millions as they sheepishly  are herded by  the wolves to  their  own  destruction.  Can you imagine what our forefathers would have done if these things had happened to them?  Well, it did happen  to  them  during the  Protestant  Revolt  in England.  The difference was that the Catholics  in  England gave their lives for the Faith.  Of course there was a difference. At  least the English revolutionaries had the guts to proclaim they were no longer Catholic and renounced their unity with Rome and the Catholic Church.  Those were the  good  old  days  when   enemies  were  enemies  and  at least had the courage of their convictions to   get  out when they  didn't  want to belong anymore.  But  we  are  in  age  of  cowards  not  only  among  the  leaders  that have been  corrupted  but  also  among  the  people whom they  are leading to destruction. Thus, when   a person  tells  it  like   it   is  and  calls  a spade  a spade he is villified. They call him confrontational, judgmental,  intolerant,  negative,  rude  and  tactless.   So  it  is  with  me. But  it  doesn't  matter  what  people  may  think.  "Zeal  for His House has consumed me." I couldn't keep  my mouth shut  or  my pen immobile even if  I  wanted  to. Love  is not always nice,  especially  when  we  are  called  upon  for  the love of God to  defend  the integrity  and honor of  Christ  and His Holy Church,  against  those posers within her very bosom. It  is time to stop being nice and to reveal who they are and what their  agenda is, no matter what  the price.



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