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The Bishops of California

and the Welfare State


Anthony Gonzales

Several of the Bishops  of the California have again shown their true colors as socialists who believe in social  engineering by a totalitarian government.  With the Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Mahoney, leading the charge a number of  California bishops  have come out  in support of affirmative action.  This was in response to the California State Initiative 209.  This initiative is  one  of the most simply stated initiatives ever put up to the voters of America.  It reads:


"The State shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to any

individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or

national origin in the operation of public employment,

public education or public contracting."


In other words there must be equal opportunity for all, with privilege for none regarding governmental criteria for hiring.  This makes total sense.  Why should any person or group of people receive special consideration because of race, sex, color, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religion or for any other reason.  The hiring of state, local,  and federal  governments  as  well  as  all individual small  businesses and large companies should be based on the qualifications of the person being hired. To promote a reverse discrimination against people who are more highly  qualified  just  because they do  not fit  into some racist model of quotas and social retribution for the past is not only ridiculous it is also against everything that is right , just and honorable.


The Social Experiments of the Sixties


For  almost  30  years  the liberal establishment in this country has been implementing their socialist agenda upon the majority of the unwilling Americans.  They claimed that by so doing they would end discrimination and bring the races  together. Their motto was, "Underneath  all that  skin we are all  exactly alike."  Unfortunately, as soon as the blacks began to march in the South to demonstrate their displeasure with the way "society" had  thus far treated them their handlers immediately began to emphasize all that was different about themselves.  They  even had leaders  coming  from their midst which proclaimed that they wanted nothing at all to do with the other races particularly white folk. Racism became more profoundly embedded within American society. White people who were never prejudiced were proclaimed as racist just because they saw the natural and cultural  differences between themselves and the black brothers and sisters.   The proof then was in the pudding.  The liberal/socialists had accomplished  exactly  what  they wanted .  This is the oldest of all war tactics: Divide and conquer.  The more they crammed desegregation down our throats the more people couldn't wait to  segregate themselves.


When God created us He intended to create a creature that was not only social by nature but who found his true fulfillment in a well ordered society.  A well ordered society would, by nature, respect the dignity of all individuals while protecting their inalienable God given rights.  Since the fall of Adam and Eve, however, mankind has very rarely in its history established a society where the  rights  of all individuals  or even a majority would be respected and protected. It was not until the founding of the United States of America that humanity finally came close to the ideal society which God intended from the beginning of creation.  The Constitution of the United States  based  upon the principles of Natural Law and the Christian cultural heritage attempted for the first time in world history to protect the God given rights of each individual citizen.  The government did not come from above but rather came from the people.  We are our own sovereigns and the government is merely supposed to be our servant.


Since the election of Franklin Delivino Russianvelt we have seen a continuous erosion of our sovereignty and individual rights.  In the America of the past you had the right to speak your mind.  In the America of the present you will be charged with a hate crime and put into prison or you may even lose your rights to govern the Baseball team you bought and paid for.


One of the rights that has been taken away and usurped by the Government is our freedom to associate or not  associate with  whomever we  choose.  Since the implementation of affirmative action no one owning a business can choose whomever they wish to hire without answering to the thought police and the Bolshevik government that has taken away our rights.


Now the heretic bishops of California who pretend to be Catholic but are merely communists in Catholic clothing have sided with their Bolshevik comrades  to  dare to influence the "Catholic Voting Block" to support one of the very things responsible for our loss of freedom in this country. Cardinal  Mahoney will allow  abortion doctors who have died to have Catholic  funerals and be buried in consecrated ground. He will allow homosexuals to run rampant in his diocese. He  fosters heresy and human secularism within every aspect of his administration.  He keeps silent about the scourge of abortion in this nation diocese but when it comes to socialist causes  like welfare for immigrants and affirmative action he shouts from the roof tops.


Every Roman Catholic in his diocese  should wag their heads in shame over such a disgraceful, disgusting excuse for a bishop.


"How long oh Lord will you make us  suffer under  the  shame and embarrassment of these scandalous shepherds.  Come  to our assistance Oh Lord and free us from such evil men."





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