The Church, Contraception

and the Modernists


Anthony Gonzales

In 1968  Pope Paul VI  issued  one of the most,  if not THE most, controversial   encyclical  letter  very written by a Pope.  The  controversy was not found as much in its content but rather because  it flew  directly  into the face of the modernist establishment  which  within  only  5 short years had taken  over vast strategic positions within  Church structure. Until the Second Vatican Council and the subsequent weakening of  the Papal  authority there  had been  outward consensus  and unity both in faith and morals throughout  the  entire  Church.  Dissent  was rare  and when it raised its ugly head  it was quickly crushed.  The Church had learned it's lessons well   after  the mistakes  it  made with Luther.  It was slow in stopping his rebellion.  He was  allowed   to  run  wild  within Germany planting the seeds  of the Protestant revolution. After the Council  of Trent  and until the Second Vatican Council the Church acted quickly to stop  heretics from destroying souls. We  were  One,  Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman.  The One True Faith and the Eternal Moral law were protected from dilution and compromise. The  reins of power were firmly  in the iron fist  of  the papacy and it was resolutely respected and loved by the faithful and , feared and hated by the infidel.  One always knew where one stood  and  on what side of the fence one found himself.  The lines were drawn  and they were crystal clear.


From the time of the Second Vatican Council on the lines were blurred and our standing was upon moving sands. This, of course, was not the intention of  a majority of the Council Fathers but they had  inadvertently  allowed  the foxes to overrun the hen house.


The modernists hold fast to certain principles of thought and action. They are evolutionists and therefore do not believe in original sin or its constant effects in man.  They do not believe in the universal absolute moral law as taught by Christ, therefore, they are moral relativists. They do not believe in the infallibility of the Pope, therefore whatever he teaches if it is in conflict  with  their  own  preconceived ideas  it  is to be ignored or  if need be rebelled against. They do not believe in a  centralized  government  of  the Church but  rather in a loose confederation of local churches with their own local agendas.  All of these ideas were subtly and subversively woven within the Council Documents skirting the  edges  of orthodoxy and preparing the way for the revolution that would follow the Council.


In order to  understand  their opposition to Pope Paul VI's encyclical "On Human Life"  (Humanae Vitae) one must  realize that  they thought they had taken the teeth out of the papacy because of  the  emphasis  that the Council had placed on the National conferences  of  bishops  and the importance of the local church.  When Paul VI  had enlarged  a commission first established by Pope John XXIII to investigate the new medical  technology  which  had produced  "the Pill" and what  its effect would be on the perennial position of the Church on artificial birth control they automatically assumed that the Pope would cave into pressure and allow the use of the pill.  They figured that he was merely a puppet of  the  left  and  that  he would just "go along" with whatever the Academics decided would be the "new" position of the Church.  Remember  they do not believe in any absolutes and so all morality, being fluid, can be "adapted" to the times.


Thus  when  the majority report of this commission came out in 1964 which concluded that artificial birth  control  was  now  permissible in the Church.  They became frustrated because Pope Paul VI had not  immediately  and decisively opened the flood  gates  of  sexual  promiscuity which  they  were prepared to open forever.  Several members of the commission, disconcerted by the delay, published the report  in the secular press hoping to force the Pope's hand in the matter.  They succeeded.  What  followed was  one  of the most amazing episodes in ecclesiastical history.


In Humanae Vitae Pope Paul VI without compromise proclaimed that artificial birth  control was intrinsically evil and therefore directly opposed to the will of God for authentic human sexuality.  Despite this Pope's utter and, at times, contemptible weakness in controlling the modernists he was forced by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the truth of Christ boldly and definitively. He, by his office was appointed shepherd and protector of the flock of Christ. He could do nothing other than say what he did even if so doing brought him into direct confrontation with the modernists who had wormed their way into high positions of influence and authority throughout the whole Church. These confrontations were naturally abhorrent to this weak and gentle man and he would have avoided them if at all possible. It was not possible.


The following principles reiterated in Humanae Vitae set forth in even clearer  terms  what the Church has always taught concerning artificial birth control and the goal of every human sexual act as intended by God from the beginning of creation.

1.  The teaching authority of the Church, given to it by Christ, includes the capacity to  authentically  interpret  not only the moral laws enunciated in the Gospels but also the natural moral law written within the very heart of humanity. (Section 4  )

2.  Authentic human sexuality as God intended is found solely and exclusively within the marriage covenant. (Section 8) 

3.      Each and every marriage act must remain open to the transmission of life.  (Section 11)

4.  There are two  inseparable aspects to  the marriage act:  The unitive and the

procreative.  Both are necessary for the sexual act between a man and woman to be authentically human as God intends.                         (Section 12)

5.  Abortion is evil and never permissible. (Section 14)

6.  Deliberate sterilization, either perpetual or temporary, of either man or woman, is opposed to the natural law and never permissible. (Section 14)

7.  The end never justifies the means .  (Section 14)

8.  The only lawful means of  regulating birth is  abstinence during the natural rhythms of the woman's fertility cycle. (Section 16)

9. There are grave consequences in allowing artificial birth control, which includes; sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, abortion, infanticide, government imposed sterilization and abortion, assisted suicide, voluntary euthanasia and finally government imposed euthanasia. (Section 17)


The Modernist Revolt Against Paul VI


The above mentioned principles are not the only ones enunciated within this letter to the world but they are the most central. The resulting  controversy  was not that  this  document  did  not  explain  the  Church's  position  clearly  but rather those pseudo-Catholics  and heretic theologians  as  well  as faithless priests and feminist nuns hated the fact that Pope Paul VI refused to knuckle under to their pressure and their perceived dominance after the Council.  They had already rebelled against the authority of Christ so it was no surprise that they would rebel against His vicar on earth.  Unfortunately, because of his weakness Pope Paul VI instead of  lopping off  heads ran to his papal chambers and wrung his hands in whining despair.  The horse was running wild and instead of taming it through harsh discipline he let go of the reigns of power causing nothing but more chaos and confusion among the faithful.  The People of God had already been subjected to constant changes and reconstruction of the outward manifestations of their faith.  Changes which had never been authorized by the Council but the modernists who effected these illicit changes used the Council as their launching pad to tear the Faith apart  internally.  Paul VI stated the truth boldly and wonderfully  and then like the mouse that roared he  immediately scurried cravenly under some Vatican rock refusing to do anything with the consequences he unleashed by the truth he proclaimed.


Impotent Leadership


When  future generations  look back upon this time in Church history they will shake their heads in scorn over the lack of fortitude and strength in our pontiffs  It  may be that in any other age these men would have been good administrators  of  the  Church but  today it takes men  with  iron  resolve.   Men who have  the ability to deal swiftly, ruthlessly, and decisively with those wolves who would devour the sheep in the flock they are assigned to protect. Thank God that He has assured the protection of the Church from error for as weak as these men are they still possess the prophetic gift given to their office by Christ through Peter.  We can tell how terribly sick and dysfunctional our whole modern  society is when those who have been ordained by the Holy Spirit as the primary leaders of the Church function more or less as spiritual schizophrenics.  On the one hand they can boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth He has revealed on the other hand they are vacillating, compromising and impotent when governing the affairs of the Church.


What the Church Teaches about Birth Control and Why!


"Then Juda said to Onan, 'Go  to your brother's wife, perform your duty as brother-in-law, and raise up descendants for your brother.' Onan knew that the descendants would not be considered his own, so whenever he had relations with his brother's wife, he spilled his seed on the ground, in order not to raise up descendants for his brother. What he did was evil in the sight of the Lord, therefore the Lord killed him." (Genesis 38:8-10)  From the beginning the children of Israel understood the purpose God intended for sexuality. Unlike the pagans around them the Israelites saw children as a blessing and not a burden.  The pagan peoples had potions, amulets and external devices to prevent birth.  These were rejected by the Israelites because they knew that to use sex merely for the purpose of  pleasure was  against  the will  and  the  intention  of  God.  The early Church followed  in this  ancient  understanding with  the  greater  richness and depth of Christ's revelations  about  marriage and the necessity  of  chastity  even within  marriage.  Opening our eyes to the natural law God had woven within man's very nature Jesus gave us to understand that the sexual union was not only to be a procreative act but also symbolically manifested what was to lie deep within the hearts of the ones who acted, i.e. a life long commitment. "This is why a man leaves father and mother and cleaves to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.  They are no longer two but one flesh. What, therefore God has join together, let no man put asunder." (Matt. 19:3-6)  So Jesus teaches that there are two aspects to human sexuality which are absolutely necessary for it to remain authentically human and what God intended from the beginning. These  two aspects are the unitive and procreative.  In the course of intention the unitive comes first. The unitive aspect is the impetus that drives the desire for the marriage covenant.  Marriage then allows the man and woman to fulfill their union in the most intimate way possible for humanity and that is conjugal sexuality.  The love that drives this union has a greater manifestation the interactive cooperation of man with God in His plan for the creation of individual human beings.  Procreation in terms of relationship comes second in the process whereas in nature procreation is first because it is the very nature of sex biologically to propagate the species.  That is why the egg is there and the sperm are there.


Now any action that deliberately meddles in this natural course of God's intended plan for human sexuality is against His will and therefore is intrinsically evil. The deliberate frustration of God's  intention for sex turns  sexuality  inside out  and desecrates  that which by its nature is sacred by God's purpose.  Therefore, condoms, sponges, diaphragms, pills, implants, direct sterilization, creams and potions and any other artificial means of frustrating God's intention are evil and self destructive.  No Catholic, no matter how faithful  he  or  she  may  be in every other aspect of the faith, can practice the immorality of  artificial  contraception  and still  consider themselves  in  good standing with God or the Church. To use artificial birth control  is  to  usurp  God's position as Sovereign over His creation.  It  may  seem  right  when one is  practicing this abomination and easily justified, however, the day will come when that person will have to answer for this deliberate disobedience of God's will.  We had the uncompromising voice of Christ constantly clarifying the truth through His Vicar on earth. It was not as if we were not told. Unlike the Modernists or the Protestants we are supposed to be the obedient of God.  Not my will but thine be done should be ever on our lips. We may not like what we have to do but no body ever said we had to like it we just have to do what is right and avoid what is evil.  Deliberate artificial birth control is evil and is not a legitimate choice no matter what the circumstances.  If any of my readers disagree with what the Church teaches please write and state your reasons.  The more feed back I have the more opportunity it is for me to clarify and explain more in depth the reasons why the Church teaches what she teaches. Obedience to the law is sufficient but obedience through understanding is better.


The Modernists and Conscience


Beware of the modernist ploy of confusing the issue of obedience by supplying a myriad of excuses not to obey. Their primary weapon in this war of confusion is their emphasis on individual conscience.  Taking the Church's position that an individual must  do  what  his  conscience  dictates  they  take  this  to  mean  whatever you can convince yourself is good becomes legitimate for you.  It  is simply moral relativism with a more sophisticated face. We must form our consciences to the moral law of Christ and to the law behavior written within our very nature.  Just because a person distorts their mind to believe evil is good does not make it so.


Natural Family Planning


Due to the advances in medical knowledge their are several methods of natural family planning which conform totally to God's created intention for marriage and conjugal union. These methods are nearly 100% effective but they require discipline, self-control, trust and determination to do God's will over and above one's own.