Most of us witnessed an incredible series of events in the month ofSeptemberthattruly clarify the contrast between the "Of-Worlders" and the "In-Worlders. God obviously planned to show us this contrast that we might clearly see thedifference.



Princess of Wales


When Princess Dianadied, the night of August 30th the newsbulletinsinterruptedtelevision programming almost every 15 minutes to half hour. It was as if we had lost one of our own leaders.The news coverage wasspectacular,anon the scene, blow byblowdescription. People were outto getthe "Paparazzi" whom they blamed for literally hounding poor Diana to death.


Fordaysanddayswewere barragedby the media concerning all the circumstancessurrounding Diana’s death. We were shown the millions and millions offlowers placedin memoriam to this divorced Princess who hung around with thejetset;whospent$2,000,000.00a†† yearon her wardrobe;whofrequently left herchildreninthe hands of a nanny so thatshecould gallivant around the globe; who was seennaked on nude beaches;who spentmillionsofdollars onNew Agecultic paraphernalia, onastrologersand on fortune tellers,who wasready to renounce Christ for herMuslim boy friend and who publicly admittedto having adulterous affairs while she was still legally married to Prince Charles. It was not that she was necessarily an evil woman.It takes effort to be truly evil.††† Abad person is merely weak and fails to live the virtuous life for which all men have been created. An evil person, on the other hand, strives to make others as evil as himself. Princess Dianawas simply a lost soulseeking God in all the wrong places and putting her trustin creatures ratherthan in her Creator. She was a sad little girl; pampered, soft and spoiled.


No, she wasnít evilbut neither wasshegood.She sought to do good because she knew it was the right thing to doand it has been said that because of the influence of Mother Teresa she was secretly taking instructions in the Catholic Faith. In fact, both her mother and her brotherbecame Roman Catholic last year.She, however, did not complete, nor stickwith the studies.†† Theallurement of the world and the enticement of her riches was too much for her and she wasdraggeddown by the seduction of creatures.


The world honored its “Princess” and still honors her.She represented everything the world wants us all to embrace.She was beautiful,glamorous, wealth, young and reached out to her brothers who were in need.She presented the seduction of worldliness perfectly.A wealthy princess and yet a tragic figure. She was unhappy because her marriage was a total failure and she felt unwanted by the royal family.Yet the people loved her because themedia constantly presented her before the eyes of the world and her beauty and cultured stature made hearts swoon.It was all show. Her heart was empty, her motives tainted by self-centered pride.She was chosen by the media because she made a good image and millions were mediatized.She always complained about being in the limelight except when it suited her purpose then the cameras were invited in to show her compassion to the poor and needy and to demonstrate to the world that she truly was noble. The media, which iscorrupt andworldly, sought to make her little lessthana†† goddesswhotheywhipped the throngs into worshipping.In reality she was little more than a glorified “Jerry Lewis type” campaigning formoney to fund her pet charities. But she never†† gother hands dirty.Like the richyoungmanwhom Jesuscalled to give up everything to follow Him she heard the call through the instrumentality of Mother Teresa yet she could not give up all her riches and possessions it would take to really be good.



Poor, poor plastic Diana she wanted so much to be good but she couldn’t find the strength to do what it takes to be good. She died tragically young and who knows that if she had been given the chance what she might have done with her life.We never know our destiny nor the hour of our death.She is an example forallofusnotto waituntil the last minute hoping that we will have time to prepare ourselves to meet God.Deathcomesunexpectedly and never at a time we desire.Diana died at the age of 36.St. Teresa, the little flowerofJesus, died when she was24andin those 24 short yearsshe reachthe heightsofsanctity.Diana had the same opportunity.One used it the other did not.


High Expectations


When MotherTeresadied we rightfullyexpected that the media would honor her even more than they did Diana.After all Mother Teresa had givenher whole life to the service of the poorest of the poor.She ate their same food, slept on the floor as they had done, owned nothingbutanother $2.00 religious habit to change into whiletheother†† one wasbeing cleaned, and she spent her time picking up the dying and the destitute from the gutters of the world.If ever there was a real saint in the twentieth century it was Mother Teresa.She had just celebratedher87th birthday a few days before her death.God had preservedherlife, Ibelieve, for the sake of us frail human beings to see what real sanctity was all about. We saw it and all of humanity who saw her and knew about her we touched by what she did.


She was not political nor did she crave the attention of the world.For many years she served the poor in silence and obscurity.Her fans were the dying, the destitute, the lepers and the orphans who she saved from abortion, starvation and violence.


MotherTeresahad been called by Jesusto serve Him in “His distressing disguise” and that is exactly what she did.She didn’t do it for worldly honors, recognition, fame, riches, or self satisfaction.She simplydid itout of an all encompassing love forGodandfor those to whom He sent her.


When after manyyears of serving Jesus in silent dedication; washing the filthybodies of lepers, pulling maggots from wounds too horrible for the strongest men to see, holding the dying in her arms as they gave their last breath, pulling babies from garbage cans and feeding the hungry with donated food, she was brought to the attention of the world.She hated the attention.She hated the publicity.She hated the recognition.She would at first flee the publicity and the cameras because they took away from her work with the poor.Itwas Pope Paul VI who commanded herunder obedience to accept the publicity in order to inspire others to serve the poor.She obeyedand it was Malcom Muggeridge who produced the first film of her work called “Something Beautiful for God”.Muggeridge was an agnostic who was ultimately converted by Mother Teresa to the Catholic Faith.


Mother Teresa became the mostadmired woman on earth so when shedieditwas logical to assume that the media would be there to give us a blow by blow account of her death.But it was not to be.She did not present a beautiful face, and aristocratic demeanor to the world.She wasn’t glamorous or worldly.No she was tiny, simple and gnarled by age, disease and constant work.She didn’t live in a palace butinan abandoned Hindu temple converted into her convent.†† She wasnota princessbuta nun.She sought obscuritynot the limelight.She dedicated herselfto contemplative prayerandholyaction.Shedidn’t buymillion dollarclothes, nordid she wearjewelryormakeup.In factshe didn’tbuyanything.She remained as poor as the poor she served and 100% of all the donations that came to her were given to provide service for the poor.She did not rely on technologyforcomfort, she relied solely upon God’sprovidence.She had no rancor,anger or sense of vengeance she had onlylove,peaceand kindness even for those who opposedher.She was in complete harmony within herself and soughtonlycontinuously deeper union with God.She was first and foremost a Roman Catholic who embraced joyfully everything, down to the last detail,all thatthe Roman Catholic Church teaches.There was no compromise in her.She knewwhat shewascalledtodoand she did it. She knew what she was called to believe and she believed it.She knew who she was and she knew who Jesus was and she sought Him as the loving Bridegroom of her soul.She was probably the most authentically human person to live in our century.There was no pomp,pretense or phoniness in her. She wasallthatshe appeared tobeandwhatshe appeared tobe was aSaint.


So the world was not as interested in herasitwas in Princess Diana.Everyone weptoverDiana,evensome of the broadcasters.But for Motheronlythe poorwept.ABCeven had the temerity and poortasteto invite asa commentatorfor Mother'sfuneral, probably the only person in the world who really hatedher.This man,Charles Hitchens had actually written slanderousbooks against Mother Teresa.†† While her body was being blessedbythecardinalsHitchenswentintoa tirade against herfalsely accusing her of terrible evils.ABC knew who this man was before theybroughthim in asa commentator.Theyknewhe hated her.Yet this was the kind of man they chose to be a commentator at her funeral.This is reprehensible and we should boycott this television station in protest. Itwas Charles Hitchens who had dared to call this Saint the “GhoulofCalcutta”.†† Theycould have foundanynumberofmen and women worthy enough to comment on herfuneral and life.This was deliberate and malicous and ABC should not be allowed to do this without some kind of consequence. ABC is also responsible for the show "Nothing Sacred" where a Modernist Priest is the hero and a feminist nun is his sidekick.


The Media gives us the perfect contrast†† between Diana and Mother Teresa.The world worshipstheirtinselgoddess while we Roman Catholicshonora REAL SAINT.