The Prophets:

Proclaiming the Truth

No Matter How Negative


Anthony Gonzales

Recently in Santa Rosa, California a man entered a  home through a bathroom window  at  about  2:45am  and proceeded to sexually molest  a 12 year old  girl while her parents lay  asleep  in  a  room  just down the hall. Providentially  the  father  woke up  and  went to  the bathroom to  get an  aspirin,  at  which time he heard his daughter groaning. He came into her room to find the man in bed with his  daughter  with his hand over her mouth trying to rape her.  What would you have done in that  same situation?  Let me tell you what this man did. He grabbed the man and started  to  fight with him.  As they struggled, the little girl got  up,  ran  into  the kitchen,  called  911, then  got the  heaviest  frying  pan she could find  and proceeded to smash the rapist with it as he continued to fight her father.  She broke the handles off of 3 skillets.  The rest of the family joined in kicking and beating this man who had dared to perpetrate this evil against one of their own.


Do you think that the action of the father and his family against the unjust  aggressor  was a negative one or a positive one?  Should they be praised for what they did or should they be ashamed of what they did? Should they have been more compassionate with the criminal or  did  they  do the right  thing?  Let me  tell  you  what  I  think.  BRAVO! HOORAY! SUPERB! This family did exactly  what they  should  have done. They protected the innocent against an unjust  aggressor.  It  was  not  only  their moral obligation; they did it out of love for their family member who had been so violently and horribly mistreated.  If we all did the same our society would be a much safer and heathier place in which to live.  Their action was normal, healthy, and right.


Now why am I bringing up  this  incident  in an article about prophets?  Because we live  in  a  world  where  few people have the courage to face an aggressor without  timidity  and  fear.  The prophets were fearless  when proclaiming the  word of  God. They constantly railed against the established order when the established order  went  against  God  and  against  His laws. Because  of their courage they were often  hunted  down  and  killed  by their own people who couldn't  stand the "negativity" and "harshness"  of  their  words. The  prophets  were men  of  action. For  example, when Saul, under  God's  command, destroyed the Amalekites, he  was  commanded  to  utterly  destroy everything,  including their animals. Yet he decided upon his own authority to take the sheep and oxen and he spared the life of  the  Amalekite  king  Agag, taking him prisoner. Now  after  Saul  had   disobeyed the Lord, the Lord took from him the crown of kingship and when Agag was brought before Samuel, Samuel the prophet took a sword and hewed him  into  pieces  before Saul  and before God. And Samuel left  and did not see Saul again and Samuel grieved for Saul.


I have heard many times  that  publications such as  "The Wanderer"  are "too negative" and they  are filled with terrible scandals.  This publication, "The Hammer", has also been accused of being too harsh and negative because it discusses  in  detail  what  the Modernists are doing to the Church.  I  personally have been told that I should forget the Modernists and their destruction of the Church and instead concentrate solely upon what the Church teaches.  In other words, be nice, don't   disturb   people with the reality that surrounds them; they face it  every day. Rather just give them the truth of the Church and they will see that  these others  are wrong.  I vehemently disagree. The reason that the Modernists have been able to do such vast destruction to the Church is because we weren't loud enough in our protests and most of the common people had no idea of  how to combat  these  pseudo-Catholics who have changed the entire face of the Church. The common man in the pew may or may not  know that what the Modernists are doing  is  wrong,  but  without  the facts and without the comparisons that need to be made they will never understand the difference between Roman Catholicism and Modernism.  That is the purpose and intention behind "The Hammer". I  believe this is a prophetic mission and in any prophetic mission you will  have  to  tell the  cold  hard  facts  and be subjected to the disdain of others, even from those who should be supporting your  efforts.


In every era God  raises up certain individuals to proclaim His gospel, in season and out of season.  Some  do it through cloistered prayer, others through  acts  of  charity,  some through teaching, others through the administration  of  the  sacraments, some through the written word, and others through  prophetic  proclamations.  Each one has his/her gifts.  Each one should work in harmony with the others.  If you  read the gospels and the Acts of the Apostles you will find innumerable  references  to  what  would be considered "harsh" and "negative" words and actions by Jesus, John the Baptist, and  the Apostles.  They did not mince words in the fear that they might offend someone with the truth no matter how "negative" that truth seemed at the time. Jesus called those who would not listen to his words "children of the devil".  There are so many people in our modern age that seem to think that Jesus was only "Mr. Nice". But in reality, He  was  about  as  narrow, harsh, negative  and judgmental  as  anyone  could  possible be  according  to today's standards.  Let's face  it He told us that anyone that  did  not  accept  His words  and live them out would go to hell. Now you can't be much more "narrow-minded" and "judgmental" than that. 


I am attempting to produce a publication that  is filled with the positive knowledge of the truth. Its  purpose  is to teach the difference between what  the Church really teaches as opposed to  the heresy and error the pseudo-Catholics have duped many into believing is new Church teaching.  They now sit  in many positions  of  authority  and power and because they have insinuated their way  into top  positions  the innocent and the naive believe what they say without making the proper distinctions. Unless what the Modernists are saying is described and then compared with the actual teachings of the Catholic Church people will not always fully understand the differences.  


The reason  I used  the  example  of the family that  beat up the rapist is because that  is  exactly  what  has been happening to the Church.  She is being gang-raped by  these faithless infidels who wish to make her a prostitute of  their own image.  If you saw your mother or  your  daughter  being gang-raped what would you do?  If  you  did  not  react  with  anger  and zealous rage to stop the aggressors what kind of a person would you be? Would you turn around, plug your ears and pray for  her  or would you take whatever weapon was available and stop the aggression?  To  ignore  it  or  to  turn your back is abnormal, unnatural and cowardly behavior  reprehensible  in the  sight of men and God.  Jesus saw this same  thing  happening  to His Father's House and he drove the perpetrators out with a whip.  It is this same zeal that drives me to proclaim the teaching of the Church as I do and I believe it is the same zeal that drives the writers of The Wanderer and other such Catholic publications.


Our zeal  and  love  for  the Faith  must be genuine and motivated by love and not self-centered desires..  Charity is not always gentle or meek.  Many times it must  be harsh  and  direct  in order to stop the unjust  aggressor to save the innocent and turn the agressor from the path of destruction. But to let them go, to ignore them, to speak to them kindly without  stopping  their  evil  actions is  a slap in the face of  all  that  is  moral  and good. When Jesus said to turn the other cheek he was  speaking  about  avoiding personal vengeance  against  a wrong  or  injury  done  to us  as  individuals.  He was not telling us to allow the unjust aggressor to, beat, rape, kill or destroy with  abandon  and without  our  intercession  to  stop them. Jesus, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, created the natural moral law woven into our very nature. He would never command us to go against the dictates of the natural law except in extraordinary circumstances.


Now please  understand, I am not saying that we should just expose the scandals of the Modernists without consideration of what that information will or will not accomplish in the telling.  Those who expose heresy must do so in a responsible manner always with the intention of giving the faithful the true understanding of  Catholic teaching.