The Culture of Death


Anthony Gonzales


Euthanasia is the inevitable result of the culture we

have created through contraception and abortion.

In his Encyclical "Humane Vitae" section 18 Pope Paul VI prophetically writes the following: "It can be foreseen that this teaching regarding the intrinsic evil of artificial contraception will perhaps not be easily received by all: too numerous are those voices--amplified by modern means of propaganda--which are contrary to the voice of the Church.  To tell the truth, the Church is not surprised to be made, like her divine Founder, a "sign of contradiction", yet she does not because of this cease to proclaim with humble firmness the entire moral law, both natural and evangelical.  Of such laws the Church was not the Author, nor consequently can she be their arbiter; she is only their depositary and their interpreter, without ever being able to declare to be licit that which is not so by reason of its intimate and unchangeable opposition to the true good of man."


Notice this last sentence. No matter what the world may say, or what may seem good in particular circumstances, the Church does not have the ability to change the natural law nor to abrogate the evangelical law of Christ.


"Humane Vitae" Pope Paul VI also predicts what would happen if contraception is not opposed but rather embraced; promiscuity, rampant pornography, domestic violence, homosexuality, disease and abortion would be the result.  Despite the publication of Humane Vitae in 1968 with all its insight and prophetic warnings the world embraced contraception and even a great number of clergy objected to Pope Paul's strict application of the natural law.  It was not his choice, however.  In fact, given the track record for the way Paul VI handled many other affairs in the Church where there was some choice I think without the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit he would gladly have eased the restrictions on artificial birth control if he could have.  This is why he did not censor the numerous clergy and "theologians" who rejected the Church's teaching on this matter but let them run wild without discipline.


Father Paul Marx joined the fray in the 1970's when abortion, the consequence of the contraceptive mentality, came into its own. At that time Fr. Marx and those theologians loyal to the Magisterium of the Church began to predict that euthanasia was inevitable.  Let's look at the argument as they have presented it and as history has proven them to be correct.


The Natural Result of Sexual Perversion


The nature of sex is such that to tamper with its design and to attempt to manipulate nature in order to deliberately frustrate this intended purpose for procreation is to bring disorder, not only within the sexual act, but also within the whole person.  Now the seed from which all societies spring is the individual. Because man is, by nature, a social being he bonds with others in order to form families.  The family is the foundation upon which all societies rest and a particular society will ultimately   be a reflection of the harmony or disharmony within the individuals of the family structure.


Sexual perversion brings about inner disorder and disharmony within the individual. Anything other than authentic human sexuality, as God intended, is a perversion and will have consequences.  Thus when procreation, the natural reason for sex, is removed from sexual activity then sex is perverted into lust and the seeking of pleasure.  When pleasure is the only reason for sexual activity then any orifice will do and promiscuity, homosexuality, lesbianism and drug abuse will be the result.  When sex is used only for pleasure then pornography, where men and women become mere objects to temporarily satisfy lustful desires, takes hold within society.  Pornography stimulates the disorder within certain individuals to turn to violence to satisfy what pornography and sexual fantasies can no longer satisfy. (Ted Bundy and Jeffery Daumer are only two examples of hundreds.) When procreation is   unnaturally separated from sexuality and others are made mere objects of sexual satisfaction then the individual begins to lose sight of the objective value of   innocent human life.  Life is the ultimate reason for sex and when sex is stripped of its purpose then the perversion seeps into other facets of a person’s life.  Pleasure becomes their god and they are so filled with SELF that they lose their ability to care about others. Children become a burden and an inconvenience to their self-centered pursuits of pleasure and satisfaction.  It doesn’t take much to move from this attitude to where men can justify the murder of the unborn  "inconvenience", "trouble", or "mistake" in the womb.  The inherent value of the   baby is totally lost and it has become a troublesome reminder of one's perversion.  It was not intended nor sought after.  It must be washed away; erased like any other mess or mistake.  Abortion is the natural consequence within a society that   has been sexually corrupted.  Homosexuality runs rampant because men have lost sight of the holy purpose of sexuality an\plain\f16\fs18 d their minds are fogged by their passion that becomes an addiction and a kind of hell leaving them without progeny, alone and lonely.


Finally, this whole perverse society   is immersed in a culture of death. The immoral, who are in power, have no value of innocent human life.  They turn vice into virtue and virtue into vice. Using the media for propaganda they foster the instant gratification mentality in the populous. They subdue the population by enslaving them to entertainment and temporary gratification of their senses.  They make millions dependent upon the state so that eventually they will determine who will live and who will die.  If the people of a particular society, together with its leaders, agree to allow the murder of 1.6 million preborn children every year, then what makes you think that the lives of every citizen within that society are not in danger?  If they can kill the most innocent and precious babies with impunity then they obviously have rejected the value of life except in so far as it serves the needs of the state.


The concept of euthanasia is promoted slowly. They say everyone should be given the "right to die with dignity". They use phrases like "quality of life" and "alleviation of suffering".  They promote the idea that a life in pain is not worth living and that pain and suffering are the greatest evils in the world. They create mass murderers like Dr. Jack Kevorkian who they let run amok "assisting" people to take their own lives without stopping him.  They pretend to try and stop him but then they let him go every time to continue his mass murder spree.  Thus the term "Doctor assisted suicide" has become a household word.


According to the promoters of death life is only worth living when you are capable of fulfilling and satisfying your desires.  It has no greater significance than that.  They do not see the sovereignty of God as an issue.  God has nothing to do with it. In fact the bolder atheists will use God to win their argument with statements like: “God doesn’t want us to suffer" or "God is compassionate he would never punish you for taking your life when you are in so much pain."  But mostly they do not think of God at all.  The arguments are more along the lines of; "Do you want to be a burden to your family?" or "Think of the expense of your care." or "It's not fair to make others suffer because of something beyond your control."  These and a thousand other, so called COMPASSIONATE ideas, are being promoted so that all of us have been conditioned to think twice about living with a terminal illness that could mean a lingering death with only excruciating pain to which to look forward. The more sensitive among us are more than willing to simply take some doctor prescribed medication and go to sleep forever.  How simple and how easy it would be. No pain. No suffering. No burden. No extra expense, just peaceful sleep. It's not death itself that scares people but rather the whole process of dying.  Someone I   know put it very succinctly,  "I don’t want to die. I just want to be dead."


The fact that people see euthanasia as an escape from the suffering associated with disease is a conditioned response to the instant gratification mentality where the quick fix is always sought   after.  Our whole corrupt society rests upon the idea of avoiding pain while seeking pleasure and satisfaction as the greatest good.


Voluntary Euthanasia?


Recently the people of the State of Oregon voted to allow for doctor-assisted suicide. It was not only voted on once but twice and both times the voters voted to allow doctors to give lethal doses of drugs to those patients who, having a terminal illness, wanted the easy out, the quick fix, to end the burden to their families and to end the pain.


Today in the United States it is still the choice of   a mother to kill her child in the womb with impunity. They can do this even to the moment of birth in the ninth month. We may expect that soon if the baby is deformed or retarded or defective in any way they will "mercifully" "put it out of its misery” by suffocation, exposure or lethal injection.  This is already secretly happening and sometimes without the knowledge or consent of the parents.  We would call this infanticide.  The proponents of the death culture call it  "merciful".  In China there is no choice.  In the name of population control the government   forces women to kill their   children through abortion.   They also starve to death the children who have no hope of contributing to the People's Republic.  Do you think this is impossible here?


Doctors and Nurses have already come forward to tell that they have "Euthanized" patients that they felt were hopelessly handicapped, disabled, senile, or comatose.  Who makes the judgment if you are going to live or die?  Your relative or friend may go in for a routine surgical procedure and the next thing you know you are at their funeral. You are told that something went   wrong and they died of unknown causes after successfully coming through the operation. 7 out of 10 times it may simply have been unavoidable but there is strong evidence and testimony to suggest that the other 3 patients were the victims of a random act of "mercy" administered by a "well meaning" doctor or nurse who made an "educated" judgment that your relative really had no hope of having a "quality" life. 


You may think that I am coasting along in the state of paranoia but as I heard recently on a TV program "No matter how paranoid you are, you're not paranoid enough."  Infanticide and Euthanasia are the "children" of abortion.  They are the result of the paganization of American culture and the destruction of Christian morality in the minds of the people especially those who hold positions of power within the government.  It is the nature of government to control as much as it is allowed to control and a government will only be as virtuous as the people who form it. As our society becomes more and more corrupt then government will continue to increase its power over us until we are all enslaved.  What is now a choice will be forced upon us in the future.


Man cannot rebel against the natural law without serious consequences both to the individuals and to the societies that embrace a spirit of rebellion. We are on the threshold of societal suicide and unless we turn away from selfishness and return to the natural law and to the God that established those laws then we will be unable to reverse the trend toward a government that will have supreme control over life and death.


The Sovereignty of God


The emotional arguments presented by the pro-death advocates seem logical to those infected with the instant gratification mentality. Nevertheless, when we look at the reality as God intends then we begin to see things from a completely different perspective.  There are many reasons why a majority of people living in America has been infected with neopaganism. As strange as it may seem one of the major causes that have lead to our present culture of death is the false Protestant notion of "once saved always saved.”?  If millions have been reared upon the idea that God is so loving that he would not condemn anyone to hell especially those who have proclaimed Jesus as "personal Lord and Savior" then one is given implicit permission to use contraception, have an abortion or take one's own life if it seems like the "noble" thing to do. And these would be without eternal consequences.  This does not mean that they believe they are deliberately going against the will of God but they convince themselves that these things must be done for some "good" reason. Since they have not done anything to consciously reject Jesus or His message of salvation they believe they are still   justified and that they will not go to hell.


Of course we have pseudo-Catholic "theologians" who have given Catholics a similar message.  According to the Modernists, God is all loving and very few people ever go to hell except, of course, the politically incorrect.  The Modernists   weave a fabric of lies about the supremacy of the individual conscience and convince those with little faith that as long as they do what they do in "good conscience" then they have not fallen from grace.


These and a multitude of other lies have infected the population. I read a statistic that 97% of the American people believe in God. Yet millions believe it is okay to kill the child in the womb and that doctors should assist a willing patient to commit suicide.  What God do they believe in?


God is the true sovereign over His creation.  No human being has the right, on their own authority, to take their own life, another human being's life or to assist another person in taking his/her own life.We are mere creatures given life as a gift from our Creator.  We, therefore, are not the masters of our own fate. He alone is life's Author and He alone can determine the length of that life.  It is true that He has given the government limited permission, through precepts of the natural law, to use capital punishment against those who murder an innocent person and He gives us permission to stop an unjust aggressor with lethal force if necessary.  But He has never given permission for anyone or any government to kill an innocent person in order to:  save another innocent life; to alleviate suffering; to lessen medical expenses; or, in the case of abortion to murder the innocent child in the womb.  Murder of the innocent is never an option and it is certainly not a right.




In 1990 it was reported that in Holland, where euthanasia is tolerated, that as many as 18,000 people are executed by euthanasia every year. This means that 1 out of six people who die in the Netherlands are killed by euthanasia.  It is further indicated many of these 18,000 people are executed involuntarily.


Nazi Germany


Everyone thinks that the modern euthanasia movement started with Hitler's Third Reich.  In actual fact the call for euthanasia started in the 1920 and Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was in the forefront of advocating its use on those inferior "dark" races.  Nevertheless, the Nazis perfected the art of euthanizing those "useless eaters" who were a burden on society.




Remember when the courts legalized abortion in this country it was claimed that abortion would only be used in rare cases and never, ever in the third trimester.  As we have seen not only are they killing babies in the ninth month just before natural birth but they are Frankensteinishly using their body parts for various experiments. Do you think it will be any different with euthanasia? If we do not stop this now then you and I living today may be the future victims of the "merciful" medical establishment.


The Value of Suffering


We were born into a world twisted inside out by the effects of Original Sin. Those effects have been compounded by our own personal sins.  The disharmony and disorder brought about by the disobedience of Adam and Eve brings pain and suffering.  Nonetheless, through the suffering and death of the God-Man Jesus Christ all the pain and suffering in the world can be sanctified and made valuable.  Only by offering up our suffering can we hope to do the will of Christ and to save others.  Learning and teaching this fact can save the world.}