Reprinted from THE HAMMER a Roman Catholic Replies


The Loyal Opposition


As the Modernists began the calculated and malevolent takeover of the Roman Catholic Church the Church was immediately split into four major groups.  One group was, of course, the Modernists with all their faithless bishops, priests and nuns who renounced Christ and the Catholic faith of their fathers to embrace the spirit of Antichrist. Then there were those who followed the Modernists because they liked the changes brought about in the Church. These were those "Catholics" whose faith was never strong but they practiced the religion without really knowing why. They had a natural religious sentiment and the "feel good" of churchly gatherings attracted them. These too embraced the infidelity of the Modernists not because they were deliberately renouncing the Catholic Faith but because in their ignorance they really believed that the Church had finally "gotten with the times" and had finally thrown off the dust of medieval concepts of God and church. These include liberal pseudo-Catholic politicians, feminists, militant homosexuals, and those laity who do not want the burden of Roman Catholic morality to cause them the pain of guilt. The Modernist concept of universal salvation fits well into these people’s lives. The Jesus they worship is friend, brother and enlightened sage but never, never Judge, King and Lord. Sin for these liberal pseudo-Catholics has no real significance nor is there any real consequences to it. They have a completely horizontal concept of religion which having been nurtured and cultivated by the Modernists has flourished within them.  Gleefully holding hands and swaying to the sensual music of modern culture their religion is truly the opiate that dulls their minds to the Real Christ and His Real Truth. They see only what is below and have no clue of what spirit really means. These poor creatures think they are Catholic because they go to "Catholic" churches that are supposedly being lead by Catholic priests but they are about as Catholic as the communists who invented this new "religion" to destroy the Church from within. This is a sign of just how successful the Modernists have been over these past   35 years. Devouring so many souls they have ravaged the Church and decimated her ranks as so many savage man-eating lions.


On the right are those Roman Catholics who despite all the changes they have had to endure, fleeing from one modernist parish to another, have nonetheless, maintained their loyalty to traditional Roman Catholic dogma, morality and to the Pope. These faithful sheep of the flock of Christ have endured untold misery at the hands of the Modernists who have systematically destroyed their parishes and scattered them to search for places where the priests still believe and teach the Catholic Faith.  As starving abandoned children they sit along the byways begging for something solid to eat. Here and there a stranger will take them in but they long for their father to return and save them from the cruel stepparents with whom he has left them. They are in constant lamentation because their home has been taken away from them and they are exiled in a foreign land.  They see his Holiness in the distance telling them to remain strong and faithful yet he does nothing to help them when they are starving to death.


We love him, we honor him, we are his loyal sons and daughters but we vehemently disagree with him in how he is governing the Church of Christ. As St. Paul disagreed with St. Peter to his face when he was wrong yet continued in unity with him as Chief Shepherd of the Flock of Christ. So too, do we oppose some of the things Pope John Paul II is doing or not doing within the Church.  We cannot understand nor do we accept his constant acquiescence and appeasement of the Modernists.  It is as if he refuses to use the power entrusted to him for the proper governance of the Church.  We know that he helped to compose the documents of the Second Vatican Council particularly "Lumen Gentium" and "Gaudium et Spes".  In both these and other documents an emphasis was placed on the "collegiality” of the bishops including the bishop of Rome.  Nevertheless, each document does reiterate the central importance and universal jurisdiction, which resides exclusively within the office of the papacy.  John Paul's reticence in using his Christ given authority as Chief Shepherd to stop the Modernist destruction of the Church is both bewildering and frustrating to those of us who remain loyal and loving.  Just like salami that is shrinking slowly but surely as one thin slice after another is removed so are the modernists allowed to perpetrate their evil upon the faithful slowly and surely changing the whole structure and purpose of the Church throughout the world.


In the Acts of the Apostles and the letters of St. Paul we are told about communities that believed that Christ was about to return any minute.  They waited with anticipation and some even stopped working or progressing because they believed it was useless knowing that everything would change in the twinkling of an eye with His return.  St. Paul advised them to always be ready but to continue to live as normal because we know not the time of His return.  Pope John Paul, it is said, has received a revelation that the promises of Our Lady at Fatima would be fulfilled during his pontificate. In other words, he’s looking to the fulfillment of a prophecy where the Blessed Mother would resolve all these problems of the Church and of the world through the direct intervention of her Son at a decisive moment in future history.


Now let me make this clear, the Holy Father has no more loyal son and champion for the Cause of Christ and His Church than myself. I have met with Pope John Paul II many times and I love, honor and respect him as my spiritual father on earth.  I also believe in Fatima and have seen the fulfillment of the known prophecies made by our Lady thus far. I also await the fulfillment of the remaining secrets revealed to the children.


Having said all of the above I believe that we cannot place all of our hopes upon a future resolved by the wave of God's hand even though we know a prophecy to be authentic and accurate. Every soul lost because Pope John Paul's refusal to do what is necessary for the good of the Church right here and now is a crime for which he and he alone is responsible.  The Judgment of Christ will rest upon him more harshly because of the importance of the office to which he was called and which he accepted.


Every time he allows the Modernists to triumph over his loyal children he is responsible for their discouragement and their loss of hope.  Every time he consecrates a bishop who will only perpetuate Modernist policies it is upon his head that Christ's judgment will rain for the souls that are lost and the for the desecrations, sacrileges and blasphemies that are permitted to continue.  He could stop it all but instead he has let the "horse" of   ecclesiastical government run wild without taking the reigns of power and training the horse to obey.


As loyal Roman Catholics we love the Pope but we nonetheless have the right to disagree with him when we believe he is not following tradition or if he is holding opinions that we know to be detrimental to the Faith.  In fact, it is the moral obligation of any Roman Catholic to confront whichever, priest, bishop; cardinal or Pope says anything, which ultimately could cause the loss of souls.



Finally, there are those individuals who have gone underground all together.  In some cases, they have become schismatics who follow rebel priests and bishops who maintain a link with traditional Catholicism in the fact that they hold fast to all the dogmas of the Faith and refuse to   say anything but the traditional, immemorial Latin Mass.  Nonetheless, in many cases they are separated from the present authority in the Church because they believe they have all become apostates and heretics.  The unfortunate thing is that these lost souls have become so bitter toward what they believe to be their betrayal by those who were suppose to be their shepherds that many have left the fold looking for solace in false religions. And still others are so discussed with what has happened that they have convinced themselves that we have not had a Pope since Pius XII because Masons and heretics cannot validly receive the authority of the Papacy


The Bottom Line


The real point is that Pope John Paul wants UNITY but there hasn't been unity in the Church since the Modernist take over. If he wants real unity he must crush this revolution once and for all and stop making monkeys out of his loyal followers. =