A reprint from The Hammer, a Roman Catholic Replies Publication


The Heresy of Tolerance


Anthony Gonzales



Tolerance can be a virtue when the reason behind the tolerance is  not to condone an evil  or  silently  acquiesce  to  it but is  rather  directed  as  patience  with the  sinner that  he might  come to repentance.  There comes a time, however, when tolerance becomes a vice and instead of doing good it does  great harm to those whom we tolerate. This vice occurs when by our supposed patience we tolerate not  only people but  ideas  that  are contrary to the truth  and that  give people a sense of license in which they exercise their freedom destructively both to themselves, their  associates  and  to  society as a whole.  For example, it is the nature  of Truth to be  intolerant of falsehood.  Truth and falsehood are contradictions  in  terms   and totally opposed to each other.  Our minds were created  to know the truth not to be deceived by falsehood. All science, all education, all knowledge is based upon obtaining  correct information about whatever  we are studying or  investigating.  What  would  it  be like, for instance, if  a  math teacher "tolerated" every answer given to an equation even if the majority of the answers were incorrect? Would we consider a teacher "compassionate" and "caring"  who allowed his students to believe they had the right answer when in actual fact their  answers were totally wrong?  If  someone  said to  a professor  of American history that  they  believed  Abraham Lincoln  was the first President  of  the United States would  it  be just or proper for the historian to agree with that person in order not to offend them or hurt their feelings?  Of course not!  We are, by nature, intolerant of falsehood because it is against the very nature of the mind to knowingly accept what is  false.


Sadly, we have become a society that is afraid of offending anyone,   a namby-pamby society of politically and relgiously correct  people who would not  dare to  correct  someone  even  if  what  they are doing or saying is detrimental both to themselves and others.  A perfect example of this can be found in the protection we give to people with AIDS. This disease is worse than any other sexually transmitted disease and most other diseases.  We used to lock up carriers of disease like Typhoid Mary.  Yet  under  the  guise  of  tolerance, compassion  and  the "right" to privacy we allow people with AIDS complete  anonymity  as  if  this  malady   is  simply  a private  matter  that had no effect on anyone else. This is one of the primary reasons for the spread of this disease.


Our  society is so sick that  it now tolerates  activity that was once considered  so perverse that people would be thrown into  jail  for  a  life time. Homosexuality is rampant  and not  only do  we tolerate  it but we  are expected to consider it normal behavior.  It  has  gotten  so bad that our children are being taught  that not  only must they be "tolerant" of alternative life styles but they are encouraged to explore these life styles for themselves to see what the other side is like.  If you think that I  am exaggerating  ask a teenager whom you do not know to tell you  about the sexual activity that goes on among his peers. There is increasing discussion about  the legalization of drugs in a society that has been totally infected by the instant gratification mentality.  Pornography used to be considered a plague and prosecuted to the fullest  extent  that  the law allowed now we tolerate it  to the degree that pornographic magazines and videos can be found in more than half of the homes in America. Abortion was unheard of 70 years ago now more than 1.6 million babies are killed every year in the USA alone. This country was founded upon the principle of religious freedom. We now tolerate the most bizzare and abberant  behaviors, all under the name of religion.  Satanic Churches and Wiccan Covens can be found openly throughout the country. Etc.etc.


As  followers of Christ we are not expected to extend our tolerance to these evil and perverse activities.  Our ancestors realized this when they created laws and established police departments to enforce those laws. A well ordered society runs upon the  premise  that  its members are living within the moral  law woven into our very nature by God Himself.  Following His law is what ensures a well ordered society and government. As soon as man becomes the standard of his own actions then chaos reigns throughout the land and violence over the face of the earth.  It is said in Scripture:

 "The Earth was corrupt in the sight of God, and it was filled with violence. God saw that the earth was corrupt; for all men lived corruptly on the earth. And God said to Noah, ‘The end of all creatures of flesh is in my mind; the earth is full of violence because of them. I will destroy them with the earth.’”(Genesis 6:11-14)

Have we arrived at this same point again in our history?  God destroyed Sodom for less than the corruption we have today. Can we then expect Him to hold back His hand of justice forever? The liberals want us to be more tolerant than God Himself. What do you think?