On the evening of June 18th, 1998, I went to St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in San Carlos, California to hear a presentation by Fr. William Schexnayder. Fr. Schexnayder is well known especially by Wanderer readers as one of the movers and shakers in the homosexualist movement in the AmChurch. He is head of the Gay and Lesbian Pastoral Outreach Ministry in the Diocese of Oakland, California, and has had a significant influence within the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, especially in regard to the bogus document "Always Our Children".

As I waited in the parking lot hoping to see a familiar face, I saw a stereotypical "gay" older man drive up, get out of the car, and proceed into Borromeo Hall where the small meeting was about to be held. I actually expected to see many more obviously "gay" people, but, in fact, the majority of those I saw were normal looking people either in their late fifties, sixties or early seventies. None except this one gentleman displayed any typically gay mannerisms.

The meeting place was a relatively small comfortable parlor. There were two couches, two matching chairs and about 15 wooden chairs set around the room. As I entered the room an older woman introduced herself as "Pat", and she in turn introduced me to Fr. Schexnayder. It turned out that he was the one I had seen earlier who looked obviously gay by his mannerisms and appearance. I was courteous but reserved. I had originally thought this was going to be a parish "event" held in a large open room with 50-75 people present. I had brought a tape recorder and some small signs to hold up in disapproval, but the situation warranted a change of strategy.

After everyone had entered and had been seated, we were asked to introduce ourselves. There were approximately 20 people in all. I was not recognized by anyone in the room, even though I had recently been interviewed on television for protesting the "Friendship Blessing" or "Gay Wedding" arranged for a lesbian "couple" in the Oakland Diocese at St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Church in Pleasanton, California. In that instance, we protestors stopped the so called "marriage" from taking place. Now I was face to face with one of the main instigators of that fake marriage, and he, fortunately, did not recognize me.

Father reminded all of us that the next day (Friday June 19th) was the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, then began the meeting with a "prayer." Part of the prayer went like this:

"...the heart of a Shepherd seeking out those who are rejected, ostracized and lost by society. He seeks them out by respecting their human dignity because they are made in the image of God."

After he had finished his "prayer" he opened a small notebook in which I noticed an embroidered red AIDS ribbon and a small rainbow flag, the symbol of the militant gay political movement.

Fr. Schexnayder told us that he had been invited by the pastor and by the "Outreach" group in the parish, because they wanted to know exactly how to go about developing an effective ministry to gays and lesbians in their parish community. He then proceeded to "educate" us about the role the Church has to play in this "very important" ministry. He had several handouts, all of which purported to present the Official position of the Catholic Church regarding how the homosexual person should be treated. I found the printed handouts of Church statements to be blatantly slanted. Each statement conveniently excluded any reference to the Church's constant teaching, that homosexual "orientation", as well as homosexual activity, are by their very nature gravely disordered and unnatural, or the Church's teaching that inverted sexual attraction is disharmonious to the whole person.

The whole thrust of the presentation by Fr. Schexnayder was to convince his audience that the Church accepts the "homosexual person" as an integral part of Church life, and that these people have many "gifts" to contribute to the Church as a whole, and each parish community in particular. He continually reiterated the point that each homosexual was worthy of respect, and that homosexuals possess the same dignity that every human being possesses, because we are all made in the image of God. The question I wanted to ask, but did not have the opportunity was simply this;

"At what point do the actions of an individual exclude him/her from respect, and is there anything a person can think, say or do that would suspend or negate his/her natural human dignity?"

In fact, it is very important for Roman Catholics to question the pseudo-Catholics in regards to where they draw the line on human dignity. If everyone must be respected for "WHO" they are and the way they think and feel because of their natural human dignity, should we then have respected the Nazi as he was murdering Jews or respect the Communist as he "reeducates" the dissident, or respect the pedophile who molests children, or the rapist who brutalizes women? In other words, are we bound to respect even those who do heinous and evil acts just because that's "who they are"? Do persons in hell still possess human dignity? I am sure the Modernist would reply that there is no hell, and if there is a hell it is almost impossible for a human to go there. Nevertheless, hammer in the point that natural human dignity does have limits by using examples they can understand.

Fr. Schexnayder continued to say that the parish should be a "welcoming place" where these people, who have felt, rejected, ostracized and disrespected, can now feel accepted by the community. He also emphasized the need for support groups that would create an atmosphere where intimate and healthy friendships could be established to help the homosexual avoid becoming isolated, alone and prone to self destructive behavior.

When he was finished, he opened the session to presentations by the rest of the group. After a brief statement by one of the ladies about creating a support group where "those poor people could find acceptance," I questioned Fr. Schexnayder concerning the support group called "Courage" started by Fr. John Harvey in New York. I then used this opportunity to tout the praises of Fr. Harvey and his group which is designed to support homosexuals, who wish to live a life-style in conformity with the Christ and the Catholic Church. I told how successful Fr. Harvey has been in helping these men and women to lead chaste lives by doing exactly what Fr. Schexnayder said; creating an atmosphere where friendships are encouraged in order to support the quest for Christian holiness. I told Father and the rest of the group that if they were planning to create a "Courage" group in their parish they would find it very rewarding indeed. I even thanked Fr. Schexnayder for suggesting such a wonderful plan since I did not know of any "Courage" groups in the Bay Area where they were so desperately needed. By the time I was finished all the AmChurch ladies were beside themselves in wanting to know more about "Courage" and if I had any information regarding it.

The effect was exactly what I had intended. Fr. Schexnayder who is an adversary of Fr. Harvey was completely taken off guard. He knew that he had been put in a difficult position. He couldn't come out in support of a "Courage" group. "Courage" is too traditionally Roman Catholic in its spirituality. Fr. Schexnayder and his ilk believe that groups like "Courage" foster "homophobia" and "homosexual self-hatred". Nevertheless, he couldn't condemn "Courage" because the prime directive of these pseudo-Catholics is to avoid being "judgmental". So he started off by saying;

"Courage is based on a twelve step program. As you know twelve step programs are for addiction and Fr. John Harvey's group was established to help homosexuals who are suffering from sexual addiction. The problem with this group is that it is too narrow. It helps only one segment of the homosexual population. In fact, you cannot categorize all homosexuals in such a way as to serve their needs by only one kind of support group. The homosexual community is much more diverse than that. I know MANY homosexuals who are not sexually active. Some of them have never had a homosexual experience. And many homosexuals are not sexually addicted."

As incredible as it may seem, according to Fr. Schexnayder, there is a whole segment of homosexuals out there, that have never had sex and a vast number of homosexuals who do not live the homosexual life-style. I was stunned. I had never heard this before. I asked "Father, please help me to understand this. You said that there are people out there who are homosexual and who are not sexually active, and there are some you know who have never had a same sex sexual experience. Is that correct?" He answered in the affirmative. So I said,

"Then where's the issue? If they haven't acted on their sexual desires, then what's the problem? These men and women can't be considered homosexual if, in fact, they are not having sex. If they are living chaste lives then they are doing what Our Lord has called them to do."

The response of Fr. Schexnayder was astounding. His answer, in fact, is the very core of the homosexualist strategy to create a new way of thinking about homosexuality in the Church. Fr. Schexnayder said the following:

"The reason that it is an issue is because these people, even though they are not having any sexual activity, identify themselves as homosexual. This is what is meant by the term "homosexual person." The homosexuality of the person is WHO he/she is. It actually defines that persons identity. It is not what he does that defines him but rather WHO HE IS. The person feels that he must be true to himself, and, when once he recognizes who he is, he no longer wants to hide behind a mask of deception. This is why they "OUT" themselves to their families and friends. These people want others to know who they really are."

Amazing! They have taken a corruption of human nature which comes from original sin and have made it the very core of that person's being. The reality is that we all feel things we don't want to feel and do things of which we are ashamed. But normal people do not justify their sins, nor do they take pride in their sins attempting to make them essential to "who they are". Our tendency toward self-centeredness comes from the disorder brought about by the original sin of Adam and Eve. But Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us that with His grace we can transcend our weaknesses and overcome our vices. He taught us that sinful thoughts, desires and actions are not the essence of WHO we are. They are glitches in our nature which manifest themselves in our thoughts and behavior. Although God created us good we must constantly fight to suppress, sublimate or completely conquer anything that hinders our inherent goodness. For most of us it takes a life time of effort to conquer or at least control our sinfulness, but that is what Christ has commanded us to do. That is what He has given us the grace to do. We have inherited the consequences of original sin. It is our duty to cooperate with the grace of God through His Holy Church, to overcome our weaknesses as fully as possible while on earth not to take pride in them. As Jesus said, "You must be perfect even as your Heavenly Father is perfect."

This is not what the promoters of homosexuality desire. They want to make vice, sin and impurity the very essence of a person's heart and soul. His homosexuality becomes his "God -given" identity; a gift that must be accepted and cultivated. Whether or not a person is born a homosexual or develops into one because of his environment is not the point. In both cases God is calling these people, as He calls all of us, to renounce themselves take up their personal crosses and follow Him. In other words God wants all men to resist temptations, to renounce vice and sin, to reject self-centered pride and instead to become selfless in their love. The homosexualists want each of these poor souls to not only accept their condition as "incurable", but to embrace it as something beautiful and good instead of perverted and disordered. The question needs to be asked. Are all perverts, like pedophiles, rapists, voyeurs or people who have sex with animals in the same position? Should we have special Masses and support groups for child molesters and male whores because "that's who they are and we must respect them"? I don't think so!

I responded to this statement by Fr. Schexnayder, that it seems to me that anyone who is not a practicing homosexual and who reveals to everyone that he/she is homosexual is self-destructive and they should be examined for psychological problems. They do need a support group. One that can help them discover why they hate themselves so much that they want others to reject and persecute them. It reminds me of people who dye their hair purple or wear nose rings and spiked hair. They are exhibitionists, who claim they don't want people to stare at them, yet they do everything humanly possible to be the focus of attention. Either a person who is suffering from homosexual temptations gives in to them and must go to confession and find a support group like Courage to help them live a life of chastity, or they resist the temptations and remain chaste without a support group. If they remain chaste there is no issue. We do not need special support groups for celibate gays just because they feel different. Who doesn't feel different, isolated, or outcast at one point or another? Celibate homosexuals have succeeded in overcoming their inordinate desires. It is sick exhibitionism to expose one's sins or temptations to the world as if these temptations or sins are actually virtues that should be honored. This kind of exhibitionism comes from a deep seated self-centered pride, that seeks recognition from others. It should never be encouraged.

There is much more that can be said about this meeting, but I think the point is clear. These people, according to the Modernists have be "educated" into thinking that the Church has officially condoned a special ministry to homosexuals, because she recognizes that homosexual persons must be respected, accepted and supported, since this is "who they are" and they have special gifts and talents to offer. This could not be further from the truth. The official Church recognizes that these individuals are suffering a particular affliction which deserves our compassion but not our tolerance. We love the sinner but hate the sin even if that sin has not manifested itself in action but only in thought and pride.

It is your duty as a Roman Catholic to fight this agenda wherever it rears its ugly head. Crush it as quickly as possible. Every human being demands our love, but not every human being demands our respect. Every human being is made in the image of God. But not every human being retains the dignity of that image. People like Fr. Schexnayder are dangerous, not only to individual souls, but alos to the very moral fabric of society. They must be resisted and stopped in their attempts to justify their own perverted thinking by subtle sophistry and equivocation.

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