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The Hammer is a monthly periodical which attempts to explain, clearly and precisely, the constant infallible teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. At the same time it attempts to expose the distortions fostered and promulgated by the Modernist infidels who have spread like and infection within the Church itself. Many millions of lay people have been confused, confounded and scandalized by the teachings, practices and liturgies of these individuals who claim to be Catholic but who, in actual fact, have long ago renounced the One, True Faith. How many souls have been lost because of these evil, faithless, wolves in sheep's clothing? Before, during and after the Second Vatican Council these men and women began to do everything they could to radically change the Church into their own corrupt image. We the laity, as well as many good priests, bishops and nuns, have had to endure their continued destruction of our religion. Nearly two generations have already been lost. We the loyal faithful stand looking to our shepherds for help as the wolves are allowed to devour the flock but to our horror our leaders, with a few exceptions, have turned their backs on us.

Well it is time to fight back. If we cannot depend upon our shepherds then we ourselves must do what is necessary to defend Holy Mother, Church. That is why The Hammer was developed. It strives to inform Roman Catholics about the agenda of the Modernists and attempts to clarify what the Church has always officially taught regarding the revealed Truth given to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ. We know that the gates of hell will never prevail against the Catholic Church. Christ, Our Lord, has guaranteed this.She is by virtue of the Holy Spirit indefectible and infallible when proclaiming a matter of Faith and Morals. Nevertheless, we find ourselves in a war with Satan and his followers not only for our own souls but for the very Bride of Christ. It is up to each one of us to resist, to fight and to do whatever is within our power to win souls from Satan's grasp. The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of His Mother will ultimately triumph. In the mean time we are called to do battle for His Kingdom on earth.

Anthony Gonzales

Anthony Gonzales is the writer, editor and publisher of The Hammer. He has degrees in Philosophy and History from Loyola University in Los Angeles, California; graduating Magna cum Laude and a member the the National Jesuit Honor Society, Alpha Sigma Nu. He spent 2 years in a Norbertine Monastery in Orange, California where he was immersed in Thomistic Theology and Augustinian Spirituality. He completed two years of study in graduate theology at a Modernist Seminary, St. Patrick's in Menlo Park, California. He was forced to leave that seminary because of his uncompromising adherence to the Magisterium of the Church. He went to Rome, Italy and completed his studies in Theology receiving an STB from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (known as the Angelicum). He graduated Magna cum Laude having completed two years of study in one. Returning to the United States he was accepted into a diocese near San Francisco, California only to be stop 6 months from being ordained to the priesthood by the influence of the Modernist faculty at St. Patrick's Seminary and the pressure they put to bear upon the Santa Rosa diocese. Anthony had become close friends with Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity while in Rome. When he was forced out of the diocese of Santa Rosa he went to Mother Teresa and asked her what he should do. The answer was classic Mother Teresa. "Wait." She said, "Jesus has allowed this to happen for a reason. You must trust Him. He will open the door when the time is right. You must be patient. He will put you where He needs you." Much more was said but the point was clear. Anthony has been doing just what she advised and waits for the door to open that he might eventually become a priest. In the meantime he defends the Church with all the resources available to him.

It is important to realize that Anthony does not compromise the truth and hammers home the point on every issue that confronts the Roman Catholic Faith. This newsletter is not for the timid nor does it avoid coming down hard in a prophetic kind of way. If  you enjoy a crisp, clean and clear style of writing that pulls no punches and hits the issues with hard insight than The Hammer is for you.

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