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Roman Catholic Replies is dedicated to providing the Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth concerning the Roman Catholic Faith. We welcome everyone to investigate our site. You will find nothing heretical, unorthodox, against Tradition or anything against the Magisterium here. We are at the vanguard of the Catholic counter-revolution. Our mission is to inform Roman Catholics about what the Church officially teaches and what it has always taught.

Our monthly journal, The Hammer, is a hard hitting periodical which addresses Roman Catholic topics, and world issues from a totally Roman Catholic perspective. We have posted many past Hammer articles on this website and we encourage you to read them and distribute them to anyone who needs to educated or inspired.

The Hammer pulls no punches and goes on the offensive against the Modernist and the Masonic parasites that have infected the Church and society. Millions of faithful Catholics have unknowingly seduced by a conspiratorial group of men and women who claim to be Catholic and who hold high places within Church government especially at the local level. We know who these individuals are and we know their agenda. It is our mission to inform Catholics throughout the world on how to tell the difference between authentic Roman Catholic theology, morality, dogma, doctrine and praxis as opposed to what the Modernists have foisted upon us. If you are not afraid of the Truth and appreciate a crisp and clear style of writing that doesn't mince words, then The Hammer is for you.

Roman Catholic Replies developed this web site to provide you with insights into the Faith that will help you to discern the Truth from the half-truths and subtle lies designed by wolves intent on spiritually devouring you. Be informed! Be willing to stand up and fight for what is right. It's time to say "Enough is enough!" The one thing the Modernists hate more than anything else is disrespect. They fancy themselves to be more intelligent and astute than the rest of humanity. They actually believe that by their social engineering they can bring all of humanity to enlightenment. In fact, their actions and agenda only deserve our disrespect and scorn. They have plans to transform the Church more and more into a nebulous mishmash of pagan, new age and politically correct doctrines and practices that make what they have already done pale in comparison. It is up to us, the faithful, to say NO!!! It is up to us to stop their agenda.

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