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Welcome to Roman Catholic Replies! This website is dedicated to fighting Modernism and heresy. Jesus said that the Apostles should first go to the lost children of the House of Israel. Therefore, our mission is to teach Roman Catholics the Faith of our Fathers; the One, True Faith given to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Roman Catholic Replies is a truly Catholic website.  Learn why the Church teaches what it teaches and learn the difference between what the Modernist pawn off as Catholic and the traditional constant teaching of the Church.

If this is the first time you have visited this site please click on the button entitled "Our Mission". This will give you a detailed explanation of Roman Catholic Replies, our mission and our agenda. Thank you for visiting Roman Catholic Replies. Our "Catholic Articles" site is filled with provocative, interesting and informative articles which address issues important to your Catholic Faith.  Enjoy and let us hear from you.

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