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Meteor From Mars

California Bishops

Vatican II & the Modernists

Challenging a Homosexual Priest

Vocations Crisis?

The Loyal Opposition

Capital Punishment

Sin and its Consequences



Presumption of Mercy


The Children of Sodom

The Culture of Death

Dies Ire

Guilt is Good

Good Intentions

Spritual Slavery


Lenten Activity

The Value of Suffering

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Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus


The Catholics and the Jews

A Catholic Parish

The Three D's

The Indefectibility of the Church

The Integrity of the Catholic Faith

Are the New Rites Valid?


The Sunday Mass Obligation

False Apparitions

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Immaculate One


The Third Secret


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The Charismatic Movement (series)

Cloning 1
Cloning 2

Heresies and Heretics (series)

The Invasion of the Catholic Snatchers (series)

Politics (series)



The Heresy of Tolerance

UFOs, ETs and the Catholic Church


Prophets of Gloom

End of the World

The Three Days of Darkness


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Questions and Answers

Letter From a Baptist Minister

Fr. Martin Interview